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Are you considering partnering up with Texas Sponsor A Highway®? Check out these five fast facts to make your decision a breeze!

1. You’ll Save Money While Saving the Environment

When you join one of our Texas Sponsor A Highway®, you’ll grow your business while giving back to the community. Highway sponsorship is a cost-effective marketing strategy that provides businesses with the lowest cost per impression (CPI) compared to traditional mediums like highway billboards. With Texas Sponsor A Highway®, you’ll spend a fraction of the cost while advertising your company to thousands of motorists daily and helping us remove litter along thousands of miles of roadways.

2. Highway Sponsorship is Place-Based and Always On

Highway sponsorship is place-based, enabling businesses to target a specific geographic area, region or market. The cost to STexas Sponsor A Highway® varies depending on the area where the mile(s) stretch is located. And the best part? Highway sponsorship is “always on.” The 24/7 sign exposure helps businesses stay top of mind and enhances brand recall for motorists.

CSR and ESG Benefits

3. Consumers Will View Your Business As Environment Friendly

Highway sponsorship isn’t just smart marketing; it’s a green initiative. Your business can promote your corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment to the community. Ultimately, 89% of Americans prefer to support socially responsible companies. When you showcase your dedication to the community by sponsoring a highway will result in increased brand loyalty and a positive reputation for your business.

4. Your Business’ ESG Score Will Improve

With your highway sponsorship, your business is contributing to the environment in a data-driven way. Texas Sponsor A Highway® provides collective, annual statistics on the miles of highway cleaned, pounds of litter collected, and bags of litter collected. This data will help improve your environmental and social governance (ESG) score and can be showcased in sustainability reports for your organization’s annual report and ESG requirements.

Community Engagement5. We’re Not a Volunteer-Based Organization

Texas Sponsor A Highway® is primarily associated with volunteer efforts assisting highway beautification. These are either through volunteer efforts through the state or a paid sponsorship through our company. If you go the paid sponsorship route with us, we have professional cleaning crews, not volunteers, to remove the litter on your behalf. Our workers are approved by the Texas Department of Transportation, trained, fully insured, and attend safety courses to maintain the busiest highways in America.

To receive a quote for Texas Sponsor A Highway®, call 1-800-200-0003 or fill out an inquiry form here.