The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and Texas Sponsor A Highway® (TSAH) have recently partnered to develop the start of a brand new corporate Sponsor A Highway Program® that is now open and available for sponsorship in the state of Texas!

After months of hard work and collaboration by both TSAH and TxDOT, a brand new corporate Sponsor A Highway® program and Wildflower Reserve Sponsorship Program have emerged and are available for immediate sponsorship!

Not to be confused with the Texas “Adopt-A-Highway” volunteer program, Sponsor A Highway® gives businesses and organizations the opportunity to sponsor roadside maintenance in exchange for a monthly fee.  A businesses’ sponsorship will include a recognition panel on a Sponsor A Highway® sign with their company name and logo that is placed directly alongside some of Texas’ busiest roadways in one-mile increments.

Sign locations will be available in five major metropolitan cities including Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Midland-Odessa and Lubbock where the demand is high and availability won’t last long!

Also available for sponsorship is the new Wildflower Reserve Program where businesses can sponsor beautification efforts by TxDOT to maintain and preserve some of the most impressive and highly sought out wildflower reserves in the state.