Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

By partnering with Texas Sponsor A Highway® you can
help communities keep their roadways safe and looking beautiful.

Corporate Social Responsibility Texas

Why CSR Matters

Today’s consumers see companies as more than just profit-making entities. Many believe businesses have the responsibility and opportunity to drive effective social and environmental change.

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is a corporation’s initiative to assess and take responsibility for society’s environmental and social well-being. The Cone Communications Global CSR Study reveals one major takeaway for companies: global consumers have officially embraced corporate social responsibility.

Not only as a universal expectation but as a personal responsibility in their own lives. Consumers are ready to make an impact from the products they buy to the places they work.


Results show that nearly all global consumers expect companies to act responsibly. Many need to hear or see proof of a company’s responsibility before they will believe it. Organizations must share CSR efforts and impacts across multiple touch points to prove these cynics wrong.

Marketing with a Cause

CSR And Texas Sponsor A Highway®

The Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program provides a positive opportunity for businesses. They can connect with customers and improve the communities in which they serve.

A partnership with Texas Sponsor A Highway® would mean that:

  • Collaboratively, thousands of miles of roadway will be cleaned. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of litter will be collected.

  • Your business will invest in Corporate Social Responsibility, making it a major leader in environmental awareness throughout the community.

  • You will inspire other companies and individuals to take a stance on environmental initiatives.


Green Opportunities in Texas

Our Sustainability Vision

Sustainability at Texas Sponsor A Highway® focuses on the areas where opportunities for our business intersect with positive social and environmental impact. We aim to achieve sustainable growth. Deliver cost-effective marketing solutions and create value in communities around the nation.

  • We earn trust for our brand and services through the highest quality, safety, ethics, and integrity standards.
  • Texas Sponsor A Highway® innovates new solutions to meet changing industry needs and create new systems.
  • We protect the safety and well-being of our employees to help them fulfill their potential.
  • Working closely with our suppliers to apply the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility throughout our supply chain

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