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For the third year in a row, has partnered with the Kauffman Foundation to survey small businesses nationwide. With this particular survey, the goal is to learn what small businesses believe is a healthy political a regulatory climate by having them rate how it is to do business where they live. The survey aims to learn what creates a healthy, vibrant local business environment by asking owners & operators about these issues in the cities where they live.

And here’s what small business owners are saying about the business climate in Austin!

“Great economy and friendly people willing to network”Designer, Austin

“With no state income tax and lower business taxes, Texas is an environment where small and large businesses can easily start up and thrive. That’s why businesses (and people) are leaving places like New York and California in droves. Those states over-regulate and overtax their businesses out of business. By contrast, Texas’ business-friendly model is an example for the rest of the country.”Commercial Photographer, Austin

“It is very easy to start a business where I live. The regulations are few, taxes are fair, and the local government works with small businesses.”Photographer, Austin

“I feel my state is very supportive and the city I live in is perfect for my business. Plenty of work here and plenty of competition.”Caterer, Austin

According to Thumbtack, some of the key findings for Austin include:

  • Austin’s tax code took the number one spot as the friendliest to small businesses in the country.
  • Five Texas cities made the top ten for overall business friendliness – Houston (#3), Austin (#4), Dallas (#6), Fort Worth (#7), and San Antonio (#8).
  • Austin’s regulatory friendliness scores were the second highest in the country, and it received an A+ for its health and safety, labor, tax, and licensing regulations.
  • Male business owners in Austin were more optimistic about the outlook for the local economy than their female counterparts, rating their optimism 7 percent higher than female owners.
  • Small businesses gave Austin’s training programs an A+ grade and rated them 4th best in the country.

For more information about the survey & to review its full methodology and analysis from the link below:

2014 Small Business Friendliness Survey: Methodology & Analysis