plastic water bottles being tossed into a pile

Where Do Recycled Where Do Your Recyclable Go? What Happens to the Items You Toss In Your Trash

Many people believe that the trash they throw away will be dealt with domestically; however, that is not always the case. With global plastic waste reaching 8.3 metric tons annually, many wealthy countries have become overwhelmed by the amount of plastic waste that they have accumulated (Park, 2018). So, What

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The Art of Social Media

Build Your Social Media Presence When utilized correctly, social media can elevate your advertising efforts, as well as increase brand awareness to a broader audience. To create a dynamic social media account, it’s important to set goals that will improve your online presence. For those hoping to gain viewership and

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Balancing Work and Personal Time

Finding time for both work and home life can be a delicate balancing act. Do you prioritize your work over your personal life? Do you keep your phone close, so you can answer emails and calls, regardless of what other activities you may be in the middle of? Do you

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