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Texans take pride in our Lone Star State, so we strive to keep Texas clean and beautiful. One fantastic way to keep our environment tidy is by limiting our waste; therefore, we need your help! We are challenging all of you to limit your plastic and paper waste!

You may be thinking that this sounds like an enormous task. Let’s take it one step at a time and focus on one aspect of life that is easy to adjust… traveling! Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, it’s easy to create environmentally friendly habits that will help you waste less!

BYOB (Bring Your Bottle)

OK, we understand you’re not permitted to take a hydro flask filled with liquid on a commercial flight; however, you can bring your empty bottle for water after you pass through security. While the $4 or $5 you save is less impactful than the convenience of single-use plastic bottles, consider the environmental impact.

Let’s pretend that you drink the recommended amount of water every day. According to the Mayo Clinic, that is anywhere from 2.7 liters of water for females and 3.7 liters of water for males every day (2017). This means you must drink between six and eight 16oz water bottles daily. Now, a typical vacation will last around seven days. Within that time, you will have consumed 40-55 water bottles. Now that’s a lot of plastic waste! So, the question is simple: do you want to contribute to the plastic pollution problem and spend money, or would you improve the environment and save a few dollars along the way?


Here’s a fun and simple tip! Rather than printing your boarding pass, try going paperless and take advantage of the airlines’ applications that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Why hold onto another piece of paper when you can store everything on your smartphone or tablet?

If you’re traveling for work, challenge yourself to go paperless and create electronic presentations whenever possible. You can also offer to email an electronic version as a leave-behind— a fantastic way to allow your clients to access the information at their convenience. Not only will the visual aids increase engagement from your audience, but eliminating paper waste will also improve the environment! Talk about a win-win scenario!

Avoid Liquid Plastic Travel Containers

How many of you out there hate checking in a bag when traveling? Between the additional cost and waiting for your luggage when you land— it begins to feel like an unnecessary travel hassle. What if we told you that traveling sustainably will allow you to eliminate this struggle without creating more work for yourself? Here’s how it works!

One of the easiest ways to avoid packing liquids in your suitcase is by switching your soap, shampoo, and conditioner! Swapping out plastic bottles of liquids to cleansing bars eliminates plastic waste! This will allow you to pack the entire bar in a reusable tin rather than purchasing several single-use plastic travel-size containers. The best part is that these hygiene alternatives are the same price as the full-size plastic shampoo or conditioner containers but without the plastic waste!

Another easy, sustainable swap! Change your toothpaste to solid tablets, as they are often sold in sustainable packaging! Moving away from the traditional tube of toothpaste to the solid tabs will allow you to toss these in your carry-on as well! Why purchase a tiny travel-size tube when you can bring an entire pack of tablets that will enable you to brush your teeth while still eliminating your possession of liquid products while traveling?


While the environmental improvements are a significant win, the ease of making these sustainable travel swaps is perhaps the most enticing. Creating a more sustainable planet does not mean it has to be more costly— try researching plastic-free products that you will love using! In the comments below, tell us what plastic-free products you use or make! Sustainable options are something we can all start sharing!

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