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Fort Worth, Texas – Milner Wrecker’s participation in the Texas Sponsor A Highway program promotes highway beautification across Route 121 in Fort Worth.

Milner Wrecker

Milner Wrecker Towing Services has decided to take another step towards environmental accountability by participating in the Texas Sponsor A Highway® program. Their sponsorship demonstrates their commitment to funding litter removal services alongside Route 121 in Tarrant County, which will help support environmental awareness and increase driver safety for all motorists in the area.

Milner Wrecker’s highway sponsorship demonstrates how businesses can give back to the communities that have supported them throughout the years. By helping improve the community and its surrounding environment, Milner Wrecker is also helping empower and motivate individuals to do their part in caring for our great state. So now as you travel through Fort Worth on route 121, be sure to look out for Milner Wrecker’s sign, as it represents the company’s responsibility to the community.

Building lasting partnerships with organizations that share a sense of environmental and civic responsibility is the force that drives the Texas Sponsor A Highway® program. They are always eager to partner with like-minded organizations looking for a way to give back to their home state while gaining positive brand recognition from hundreds of motorists every day.

Since the company’s founding over 50 years ago, Milner Wrecker has grown its fleet of tow trucks to be prepared for any size job that rolls its way. They offer light, medium, and heavy-duty towing capabilities and local and long-distance towing to ensure that their clients’ needs are met every step along the way.

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