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The Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program is excited to announce that Baylor Scott & White Medical is one of our newest sponsors! The Dallas area medical system is celebrating the first anniversary of its merger, and we are glad to welcome them as a sponsor with the brand-new program in Texas. One of their signs has already been installed, and we look forward to seeing the rest across Texas highways.

In 2013, Baylor Heath Care System and Scott & White Healthcare combined to create Texas’s largest non-profit healthcare system. Baylor Scott & White comprises 43 hospitals, 6,000 physicians, and 34,000 employees. Previously, they had worked together under the High-Value Healthcare Collaborative, Healthcare Coalition of Texas, and Texas Care Alliance as two of the top-tier healthcare systems in the country.

Dedicated to safety and care throughout the community, Baylor Scott & White Medical took the intuitive step to sponsor stretches of Texas highways. Philanthropy is a cornerstone of this exemplary and premier healthcare system. The Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program, proudly calls Baylor Scott & White one of our sponsors.

To learn more about Baylor Scott & White Medical, please visit:

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