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Games, food, and fun can all be expected when visiting Free Play in Richardson, Texas. Whether you’re enjoying a night with friends or making memories with a loved one— this local hangout never disappoints. While Free Play is known for its laidback atmosphere, they are also gaining notoriety for its corporate social responsibility efforts. Emerging as a philanthropic organization, the team is ecstatic to join the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program as they help to eliminate litter from the highway.

Free Play

By participating in the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program, Free Play is funding litter-removal efforts that benefit drivers’ safety and improve the environment. Beautifying the highways helps eliminate plastic and other harmful debris that will keep our roads and wildlife safe. While the environmental benefits are worth praising, the increased safety it provides motorists is also caused for celebration. Removing debris from the side of the highway benefits drivers, as it eliminates litter. Keeping the roads clean is just a simple way that Free Play shows how much they care for the safety and beautification of their community.

We at Texas Sponsor A Highway® are grateful to have the support of a company passionate about improving the roads. Free Play shows the community that drivers’ safety is vital, and they are willing to do their part to ensure the roads stay safe and clean.

For more information about Free Play, visit:

For more information about the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program or to sponsor your sign, call: 800-200-0003