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The Texas Sponsor A Highway program is pleased to welcome one of our latest sponsors, Outlaw’s BBQ.

Located in Grand Prairie, Outlaw’s BBQ serves up some of the finest food in Texas. But they’re not just interested in providing good food; they also have a concern for the environment, which is why they decided to take part in the highway sponsorship program in Texas.

“We love the role we play as a sponsor funding a mile of roadside maintenance that keeps the community in which we work and live, safe and looking beautiful!”

– Outlaw’s BBQ

Outlaw’s isn’t just pulled pork or ribs, but everything from amazing brisket to chicken and incredible sides. Even the pickiest eaters in the world will find something they love on the menu. Plus, there are so many different sides you might just have to come back multiple times to try them all. And Outlaw’s claims that each side is good enough to be a meal of its own!

Not only can you enjoy some delicious BBQ right at their Grand Prairie location, but If you’re having a big event, party, or gathering that you want BBQ served at, Outlaw’s also offers catering service, serving some of the very best food available in the entire Dallas metro area.

From preparing the food for you to serving up beverages and cleaning the dishes for you, the enjoyment of dining at Outlaw’s BBQ is something you really need to behold to enjoy.

So, if you’re hungry for some delicious food and just want a break from eating it at home, check ‘em out and see why everyone is talking about the food, the service and the BBQ. Get on out and check out Outlaw’s BBQ today, and don’t forget to notice their 2 new sponsorship signs, which can proudly be seen on I-30 at the Beltline exit.

For more information about Outlaw’s BBQ, click HERE