The state of Texas is blessed to have over 5,000 species of wildflowers and native grasses along its roadsides. These grasses and wildflowers not only contribute to the beauty of the landscape, but they help to conserve water, control erosion, and provide wildlife habitat throughout the state.

To encourage wildflower growth, the Texas Department of Transportation has adopted numerous practices to upkeep and maintain these areas by sowing approximately 30,000 pounds of wildflower seed each year and mowing up to 800,000 square acres of wildflowers in the spring and early summer after wildflower seasons are over.

The presence of these wildflower reserves and TxDOT’s practices to nurture native vegetation has presented a new Sponsorship Program across the state. These sponsorships will brand your company name and logo while supporting the beautiful wildflower reserves and local communities surrounding them. Acknowledgment signs adjacent to each reserve will be placed on major roadways providing extensive branding opportunities and increased visibility from the high volumes of traffic.

This exciting new program will get your company or organization recognized on a national scale for the preservation of these very unique landscapes, and while we provide all the litter removal services in your sponsored areas YOU get all the recognition!

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