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Montgomery County, Texas – Stewart Title Company promotes highway safety by joining the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program and sponsoring litter-removal services on some of Houston’s busiest highways.

Stewart Title Company has decided to take a further step towards environmental accountability by participating in the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program. Through their participation in the program, the company funds litter-removal services along Houston’s Route 45; thereby keeping the highways cleaner and safer for motorists.

Stewart Title Company demonstrates how increasing a business’s corporate social responsibility efforts can improve the environment for both local wildlife and the people of Montgomery County.  Now as you travel on Route 45, be on the lookout for the company’s sponsor sign located on the right-hand shoulder of the highway— let it serve as a symbol of the company’s efforts to give back to the community that has helped their business succeed and grow.

Since opening its doors in 1893 in Galveston, Texas, Stewart Title Company has grown to be one of the largest title insurance companies in the world. By maintaining their honest and customer-centered approach to the title and mortgage industry, they have been able to withstand the test of time and gain notoriety from both business partners and clients.

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For more information about the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program or to sponsor a sign, click here.