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MIDLAND, TEXAS – The Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program welcomes Thomas Oilfield Services as a new sponsor to help reduce highway litter and increase driver safety across our state’s highways.

Thomas Oilfield Services has taken a step towards environmental preservation by participating in the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program.  Through their participation in the program, the company has committed to funding highway beautification efforts that help to maintain cleaner and safer highways for our community.

Thomas Oilfield Services

With business operations centered around hauling and equipment rental, Thomas Oilfield Services places driver safety as one of its top priorities.  From their mandatory truck inspections to defensive driving courses for their drivers, the company strives to ensure their customers and employees are in safe hands.  Melissa Cartwright, Regional Sales Manager for Thomas Oilfield, says, “With all the time we spend running those roads, we need to do our part to ensure the space is clean and kept nice.” That’s why when Thomas Oilfield discovered a program that can give back to the community and increase driver safety for their employees, they knew they would be a perfect fit.

By partnering with the Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®, Thomas Oilfield Services has established a greater presence within the community by promoting driver safety and environmental awareness. When drivers notice the company’s sponsor sign alongside Midland’s Route 20, they’ll know Thomas Oilfield Services is committed to keeping Texas roadways cleaner and safer.

Thomas Oilfield Services opened its doors in 2009 and has since expanded its operations from Texas into New Mexico and Louisiana. Regarding equipment rental and hauling services, Thomas Oilfield has become a trusted name in the industry through a customer-centered approach and safety focus.  Their dedication to providing a positive customer experience ensures that every client receives nothing but the best service.

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