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How do you intend to give back to your community? In 2019, being a respected company means more than merely having a ” popular product.” Today, consumers seek corporations that have elevated their business model by paying it forward. Customers want to know that the establishments in which they purchase are giving back. Therefore, it may be time for your business to develop a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative!

Why Consumers Care About CSR

So how essential is it for your business to establish philanthropic efforts? According to an article released by Forbes, “66% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand (Landrum, 2017).” While this percentage may seem high, millennials have even higher expectations of their favorite brands’ CSR efforts. In fact, Sarah Landrum stated that over 80% of millennials demand that their most loved brands proudly display their charitable efforts. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly apparent why businesses need to increase their CSR if they intend to expand their customer reach.

How to Increase Your CSR Efforts?

If you’re a small business trying to get more community exposure, joining the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program is a great way to start. While some wish they could volunteer their time, we understand that growing businesses can’t afford to have employees out of the office for hours on end. As an environmental company passionate about giving back, Texas Sponsor A Highway® has developed a way to help the community and offer a viable method for businesses to increase their CSR efforts. Our sponsors provide monetary support to fund essential highway litter removal and beautification. In return, our maintenance crew completes all the clean-up! In addition, we proudly display our sponsor’s company logo on a sponsor recognition panel along the highway. Our sponsor signs help beautify the environment while showing passersby your commitment to the community and a more sustainable future.

Get Started Today!

If you believe it’s time to improve your company’s CSR efforts, contact us today! Call us at 800.200.0003 to speak to an account representative to find the optimal location to install your sponsor panel along the highway.

If you are a business that already gives back, please share in the comments below. Let us know what organization you sponsor or volunteer at, so we can all share some helpful and new ideas.


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